Established in 1970, Quantel is an international leader specializing in the manufacturing of high powered, solid state laser systems for scientific, military, industrial and medical applications.

Our offer

The Quantel group designs, develops and commercializes lasers and laser sources. It is present in two sectors:

  • industrial and scientific lasers (nanosecond lasers, laser diodes, fiber lasers, etc.), with its Quantel Laser division,
  • and lasers designed for ophthalmology to treat various eye pathologies, with its Quantel Medical division.

State of the art technology and innovation

salle blanche Quantel

Moving from laser theory to the laboratory, and from the laboratory to systems meeting the requirements of a production chain, a medical practice or a flight into space takes a long time to master.

Quantel's R&D teams rely on decades of research, refinements and expansions to adapt to the most recent changes to solid-state laser applications and offer innovative solutions, particularly in the industrial and medical sectors.

It is by combining the group's internal skills and expertise in each of the technologies mastered by Quantel that the group is able to offer its unique products. Quantel Medical has positioned itself as a global player in the ocular ultrasound sector and laser photocoagulation.

Furthermore, the constant expansion of our knowledge in fiber laser and diode laser technologies is opening up some promising new possibilities in some very diverse areas and is allowing our customers to benefit from quality products that are becoming increasingly more efficient and reliable.

Finally, for Quantel, the scientific market and development contracts are still essential sources of renewal and inspiration due to their prospective nature, at the very origin of technological advances.

The Group's divisions


Founded in 1970, Quantel Laser designs, develops and sells pulsed solid-state lasers for scientific, military and industrial markets.



Created in 1993, Quantel Medical offers innovative solutions in ophthalmology, from ocular diagnostics to laser treatment.